Saturday, September 6, 2008

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Nike Zoom kobe III bb II
Nike Zoom Kobe IV
Nike Zoom Kobe IV new basketball shoes made for Kobe Bryant, this very cool Nike Zoom new sneakers looks a lot like the Nike Hyperdunk as I said in my past article, hyperdunk might be the lightest basketball shoes I've ever seen but the Nike Hyperdunks shoe height is too high makes players hard to make move and turn, but they've modified it and make it a mid cut hyperdunk which is perfect, so it is expected to be a light weighted shoes, this Nike Zoom Kobe IV has a simple sneakers design that makes it great, because in the fashion today the simpler the better, I could probably say that this sneakers is the best looking basketball sneaker ever made for Kobe, in its design and probably comfort and performance, from the looks of this Nike Zoom sneakers, it can be a footwear use as a walking shoe when you feel like taking a walk in the park, the mall or a night out with its simple sneaker design it would look cool anywhere you use it, it can be use on and off the court and still look good with it. That is why this Nike Zoom sneaker is a MUST HAVE.

Nike Zoom Kobe IIINike Zoom kobe III bb II
But the Nike Zoom Kobe IV base on trends won't be release until next NBA season opens so, where will we go to when you want to have a great basketball shoes? we go to Nike Zoom Kobe III this is also a MUST HAVE Shoes for basketball, I prefer having a pair of this color the China Edition Nike Zoom Kobe III it looks much better than the other colors this basketball shoes have, but you know what's the best color for this shoes? take a look at Nike Zoom Kobe III's first release look at the color of the shoes Kobe's wearing doesn't it look great? better than any other colors released now, but that's not for sale, it never was released in the Nike Zoom kobe III bb IImarket that makes you Nike Zoom kobe III bb IIwonder why Nike would do such a stupid thing.
Nike Zoom kobe III bb II

Nike Zoom BB II
But when it comes to an everyday shoes where you can just wear a shirt and a short pants and a pair of sneakers to go and still look cool I, would prefer you to get one of these, Nike Zoom BB II low cut this color looks good, you can use it in almost all occassions unless its a formal occassion but when your going for a night out or your going on a date or just take a walk, this simple sneakers Nike Zoom BB II would look extremely well plus it's a comfy shoes, looks good on jeans, shorts, jogging pants, try checking it out you'll see, but for me this is a MUST HAVE sneakers. Nike Zoom BB II low.
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